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Three FREE lessons to help you take back control of your life by focusing on what matters most.

3 FREE Videos That Will skyrocket your productivity

Video 1

Improvement by Subtraction: Why the Secret is to do LESS, Not More

Video 2

Why Distractions Are the Pitfalls of Our Generation (And What To Do About It)

Video 3

The Master Skill of Productivity

daniel cerescu

Your guide

Hello. My name is Daniel, founder of LifeMasteryQuest, and I am honored to be your host and guide through this free video series.

I’m a writer, product designer, and high performance geek. Everything I’m teaching here I learned the hard way. I used to be a distracted and overwhelmed person who worked hard all day, only to get to the end of the day having nothing to show for it. But after I applied the principles I teach in this series, I began to slice through the clutter, do meaningful work that I’m proud of, and have more time for the people, projects, and pursuits that matter most.

I want the same kind of results for you.

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