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If You Want To Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Focus On Them. Do This Instead

​Conventional wisdom says that if ​you want to achieve something in life ― whether that’s to improve your lifestyle, build a successful business, get a six-pack abs or become a millionaire ― you need to set specific goals, write them down and set a deadline for their achievement.

But while setting goals is an important part of the process, it nevertheless misses a critical ingredient. 

30 Life Lessons I Learned In 24 Years

Alright, so I turned 24 and I thought I’ll do something special this time. I thought I’ll write about what I’ve learned so far on my brief time on this planet.

Originally, I wanted it to be 24 lessons. But when I started writing, 24 turned into 35, which turned into 48, which turned into 62. Way too many…

So I went through the whole list again, and sure enough, I started to recognize patterns. I realized that some lessons were like branches of a bigger, unifying principle. Eventually, after countless revisions, I ended up with these 30 big ideas.

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