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Here’s Why Everything You Think You Know About Productivity is Wrong

Are you tired of being overworked and distracted? Do you ever feel busy but not productive? Are you always active but never getting anywhere?

Do you ever finish the day stressed and overwhelmed, yet feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything significant?

Do you wonder how some people get so much more done in the same 24 hours, while you're still falling further behind?

If You Want To Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Focus On Them. Do This Instead

​Conventional wisdom says that if ​you want to achieve something in life ― whether that’s to improve your lifestyle, build a successful business, get a six-pack abs or become a millionaire ― you need to set specific goals, write them down and set a deadline for their achievement.

But while setting goals is an important part of the process, it nevertheless misses a critical ingredient. 

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