Fundamental Lessons of Money (They Didn’t Teach You in School)

In this episode, I'm going to share with you some ideas around the subject of money.

More specifically, we’ll go over some common myths about money. We’ll also look at just exactly what money is and what are some fundamental principles you should consider, if you want to earn the amount of money you need to create that quality of life that you desire – and deserve.

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How to Live Your Best Year Ever: The Ultimate Guide (2018 Update)

Let's face it...

2017 was a rough year for many people around the world:

  • Controversial decisions on the Global political arena
  • Widespread devastation caused by hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria across the U.S. territory
  • Deadly earthquakes and several natural disasters around the world
  • Countless terrorist attacks
  • Mass shootings and the never-ending crisis in Syria, just to name a few.

6 Life Lessons Learned From Choosing the WRONG Airplane Seat

I recently came back from a wonderful trip to Germany where I decided to take a break from all the noise, technology and distraction and unplug completely from what seems like unlimited pings and alerts on our phones and computers.

I've been going through a period of transition in my own life lately and I desperately needed some time away to clear my mind.

However, the reason I'm writing this article today is not to tell you how great my vacation was, but because I'd like to share with you a story.

A real story depicted from my own personal experience on my way back home from Germany that taught me some valuable life lessons.

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Put Yourself Together And Your World Will Fall Into Place

One evening, a five-year old boy went to his father, gave him a BIG hug and then whispered in his ear: "Daddy, we don't spend enough time together."

The father, who loved his son so dearly, knew in his heart that he was right and replied: "You're right son, and I'm so sorry! But I promise that I'll make it up to you! Look... Since tomorrow is Saturday, why don't we spend the entire day together? Just you and me!"

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